Take a virtual tour inside Cantina Bentivoglio 
Restaurant, Jazz Club and Wine Bar that counts more than 200 seats, we welcome from small parties to big private dining, in the space right for your needs.
Entrance & Nicchie

At the entrance of the restaurant a lot of bottles, a piano and old convent’s chair will lead you to the disused fireplace (hall for up to 30 guests), throught two lateral small alcoves (“Nicchie”) that may host up yo 40 seats. This area is ideal for small groups.



In 1993 we opened this separeted space, an elegant refuge from the pace of city life decorated with contemporary art paintings and a collection of Magnum bottles.
Our Saletta (lit. lounge-break room) may host up to 50 guests and can be reserved for graduation party and other private events.


Music Lounge

Since October 1989 the music lounge is open from monday to saturday. The room is the ancient basement of the 15th century Palazzo Bentivoglio. Here you can listen to the best live jazz concerts in town, while eating a plate of tortellini or just a dessert.

The music lounge, our main dining room, can also be reserved for business dinners and other private event such as team building, meetings, conventions and presentations. The room, available for seated events accommodating up to 150 guests, can also hosts exceptional events, such as weddings, graduation parties, and birthdays.

The live music concerts, as well the menus can be customized to fit the specific desires of each party.


Wine Cellar

Available exclusively on special by contacting sommelier Yiannis Xanthakis, the Red Wines Cellar is at the end of the Music Lounge.
Renowed in 2017, this underground Cellar is a unique place to have a break and taste a glass of wine, but also for a special couple moment as a marriage proposal.


Summer time

From June to September, six days a week, our summer porch will welcome you with up to 30 seats under the bolognese porticos.
Besides of that, we promote many outside events during this season, as our Music Lounge normally closes at the beginning of June.


For over 20 years, during the summer time, some restaurants and bars of Via Mascarella organize an event that literally means Jazzy Living Room. For 2 months, 3 times a week, the best musicians play in front of all the guests of the restaurants. The tables, facing to the common stage, are on the whole street -closed off-, under the stars and the beautiful coloured builings.


Every August, just in front of our outside tables, you can find a swing music duo playing and the pasta maker Silvana showing how to produce pasta.
A unique moment, for both children and adults, turists and locals, to learn more about the secrets of fresh handmade pasta and listen to some good music.


In 2018 Summer a new project by Cantina Bentivoglio landed in town: Round Midnight Jazz Club.
In the yard of Re Enzo Palace, just in front of the Mayor Square, every night, ‘round midnight, the musicians of this temporary jazz club started played until late night. Add the historic and wonderful location, the fresh cocktails and the tidbits by Chef Pasquale Troiano. Good feelings.


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Via Mascarella 4/b, 40126, Bologna