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Live in Cantina Bentivoglio 1In honor of the ten-year anniversary of our live jazz, in October 1999 we issued a CD entitled "MARCO STORARI TRIO LIVE IN BENTIVOGLIO". This disc, recorded by Gianni Grassilli with graphics by Nerio Pellarin, presents guitarist and composer Jimmi Villotti (alias Marco Storari), universally considered the best jazz musician in town, in the unusual and intriguing role of a refined jazz pianist.
Live in Cantina Bentivoglio 2That CD has already been sold out since a long time but a new one took its place, still by Jimmy Villotti. This time the "guru" of bolognese jazz was accompanied by Massimo FaraĆ² on piano and by a great rythm section formed by Bobby Durham on drums and Wayne Dockery on bass. This new beautiful piece of music was called "MASSIMO FARAO' JIMMY VILLOTTI QUARTET LIVE IN CANTINA BENTIVOGLIO" and features almost only original compositions by the two leaders.
Live in Cantina Bentivoglio 3Also that CD is not available anymore from us, (but you can buy it on iTunes) but we have made another one. In fact in 2006 we have produced our own jazz band, an "almost big band" called BLUE MIDNIGHT ORCHESTRA, a nonet that plays original arrangements of the great standards of the swing era. Led by distinguished arranger and piano player Gianmarco Gualandi and featuring the splendid voice of Lara Luppi the group has recorded a live concert at Cantina Bentivoglio and a few copies are still available at our premises (May 2011).
Live in Cantina Bentivoglio 4Last year our collection of CDs LIVE IN BENTIVOGLIO has been completed with a new entry. We have asked again the Jimmy Villotti and Massimo FaraĆ² to join forces and this time we have called from Los Angeles Albert Tootie Heat to sit on the drumstool. The quartet has found in bassist Guido Leotta the perfect complement, and the result is a fantastic mix of new jazz standards played in the old swinging style. This CD is currently (June 2011) on sale at Cantina Bentivoglio.
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